Which formats can Costco transfer to DVD?
Videotapes:  VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV, 8mm videotape, BetaMax
Movie Film Reels:  8mm, Super 8, 16mm
Photo Prints:  Photo print sizes 2" x 2.5" up to 8.5" x 12"
Slides:  35mm slides in plastic or cardboard mounts
& Memory Cards: 
video files from your smartphone, Secure Digital (SD), SmartMedia (SM), MultiMediaCard (MMC),
Compact Flash (CF), xD-Picture Card, USB / memory stick, or data CD/DVD
Who is YesVideo?
YesVideo handles all the work behind the scenes to transfer your home videos and slides to DVD and Online. YesVideo has been partnered with Costco for over 4 years and is the world leader in digital to analog conversion for consumers.
Will my original materials be returned?
Absolutely! The media and original containers will be returned with the completed order. Movie film will be cleaned and spliced onto new 400 ft. reels. Your original empty reels will be returned.
Will my media be safe through the transfer process?
YesVideo has transferred vintage media for over 3 million customers, more than any company in the world. They have developed a state of the art transfer process focused on keeping your memories safe, while creating high-quality professional transfers of all your footage. YesVideo inspects and barcodes each and every piece of media that enters their facility. They then track all media piece every step of the way. Your media is then digitally transferred using professional-grade equipment, and shipped securely back to your Costco Photo Center.
Will the quality of my content be edited or enhanced?
Video to DVD orders: the service is strictly a transfer service. Content will not be enhanced.
Film to DVD orders: content will be enhanced, showing more vibrant colors. Dust, scratches and lint on the film surface will be reduced.
Slide to DVD orders: slide orders will be a high-quality scan.
Photo Print to DVD orders: print orders will be a high-quality scan.
Where can I place my order?
To place your order, visit a Costco Photo Center at a Costco location near you.
How long will it take to get my order?
On average it takes 4 weeks from the date the order is placed at the Costco Photo Center.
How much does it cost?
The prices for DVD transfer service are listed on the services & pricing page.
How can I check on my order while it is being processed?
You can access the status of your order using our Online Order Tracking system or by calling 1-866-463-7694. You will need your order number.
I've recently placed an order. How come it is not showing up on the online tracking system?
Please allow the labs about a week to receive your order and enter it into the system. If your order is still not showing up, don't worry – contact our support team and we will try to locate it for you.
Can I access my content online?
Yes! You can view, share and edit your home movies online. You will receive an email asking you to activate your private online account 3-4 weeks after your order is dropped off at Costco.
How can I view my content on my mobile device?
The YesVideo mobile app is a free download that lets you view and share all your content on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
How can I download the YesVideo iPhone or iPad App?
To download the iPhone App just click the following link.
How can I download the YesVideo Android App?
To download the Android App just click the following link.
Will my online content ever expire?
To keep your account active, simply log in to your YesVideo Online account at least once every 365 days. To learn more about our storage policy click here.