Digital Transfer Service Videotape to DVD

Videotape to DVD

Your videotapes degrade and can become unwatchable in less than 10 years. Transfer your videos to DVD to preserve them.
Starting at
Up to 2 tapes,
maximum 2 hours
per DVD
Accepted Formats
VHS and S-VHS Beta VHS-C Hi-8, Digital 8, 8mm MiniDV
What You Get
  • High-quality transfer to archival-quality gold DVDs
  • Two archival-quality gold DVDs included with each order
  • Audio recorded in high-quality Dolby Digital
  • Includes videotape repair and case replacement, if necessary
  • FREE unlimited online viewing, sharing and storage
2 Personalized Gold DVD Online Viewing & Sharing Click here
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list of features
2 Personalized Gold DVDs Online Viewing & Sharing
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